Mineralogy and genesis of rare-aerth ores Anadol type (Azov)

The investigation of main ore-forming minerals of  Anadol ore occuarence was performed by different methods: X-ray diffraction and electronic microprobe analysis, optical and electronic microscopy.  The results showed that the concentrators of rare-earth elements (REE) was minerals of different classes -  allanite, cerite (silicates), britholite (silicophosphate), bastnaesite (carbonate), monazite (phosphate), cerianite (oxide). However anymore  98% from the most quantity of REE concentrated in silicates, thus 90% - in  allanite. Research of the fluid inclusions  showed that Anadol ore occuarence had been formed in a wide temperature range  - less than 850 to 130-170 Celsius degree. The results of researches can have practical application: а) development of flowsheet of REE extraction from ores Anadol type necessary  take into account, that the minerals-concentrators are  belongs to the different classes; б) almost complete absence of radio-active elements in  allanite and allanite ore  can apply them in metallurgy of alloyed steel.


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Voznyak Dmytro Kostyantynovich, Хоменко Володимир Михайлович (53), Галабурда Юрій Андронович (91), Гречановська Олена Євгенівна (92), О.О. Косоруков

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