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У 2014 р. журнал включений до бібліографічної бази даних наукових публікацій РІНЦ НЕБ (Російський індекс наукового цитування Наукової електронної бібліотеки).

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Kalinichenko E.A., Lytovchenko A.S., Baker J.H., Pushkarev A.A., Fenoll Hach-Ali P., Lopez-Galindo A., Syomka V.V. Hydrogen Isotope Exchange in the "Ca(OD)2 — H2O" System under Normal Conditions (2004-2)

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Shumlyanskyy L.V., Andreasson P.-G., Buchan K.L., Ernst R.E. The Volynian Flood Basalt Province and Coeval (Ediacaran) Magmatism in Baltoscandia and Laurentia (2007-4)

Cuney M., Shcherbak M.Р., Emetz A.V., Petrychenko K.V., Sinelu S. Petrological and Geochronological Peculiarities of Novoukrainka Massif Rocks and Age Problem of Uranium Mineralization of the Kirovograd Megablock of the Ukrainian Shield (2008-2)

Melnikov V., Jeleň S, Bondarenko S., Balintová T., Ozdín D., Grinchenko A. Comparative study of Bi>Te>Se>S mineralizations in Slovak Republic and Transcarpathian region of Ukraine. Part 1. Localities, geological situation and mineral associations (2009-4)

Grechanovsky А.E., Brik A.B., Ponomarenko O.M. Influence of structure, character of chemical bonding and elastic properties on the radiation stability of silicates, phosphates and metal oxides deduced by computer simulations (2009-4)

Melnikov V., Jeleň S., Bondarenko S., Balintová T., Ozdín D., Grinchenko A. Comparative study of Bi-Te-Se-S mineralizations in Slovak Republic and Transcarpathian region of Ukraine. Part 2. Crystal chemistry and genesis of layered Bi-tellurides (2010-1)

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Platonov A.N., Khomenko V.M., Langer K., Matsyuk S.S. Electronic spectroscopy evidence of compensatory replacement vimgivsi → vi(Al, Cr3+)ivAl in mantle enstatites (2010-3)

Schuiling R.D. Pyrolusite-rich tailings from Nikopol against anoxia? (2011-1)

Schuiling R.D. Olivine to combat climate change (2011-2)

Platonov A.N., Urusov V.S., Langer K. А remark on correlation between relaxation parameter and covalence of Cr3+—O bonds in some mineral structures (2011-4)

Urusov V.S., Leonenko E.V. Atomistic computer simulation of ABO3 (A = Ca; B = Zr, Ti, Sn) perovskites: crystal structure, intrinsic point defects and dopant formation (2012-1)

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