Study of solubility processes in rare-metal minerals and development testing microelements methods in association of rocks, water and soils

Object of research is rare elements in rocks, minerals, soils and natural water. The purpose of research is the investigation of solution processes in the system "mineral-solution" which result in increasing quantity of chemical elements in the migration cycle of the zone of hypergenesis and rare elements test in rocks, water and soil. There methods used in this research are general chemical analysis, atomic absorption analysis, potentiometric measurements, ІСР-MS (with microwave radiation during sample preparation), and electron microscopy. Results of this work yield advance in knowledge of incongruent mechanism of accessory minerals weathering and its dissolution in the zone of hypergenesis. In the work important role of complexing has been considered. Processes of solubility of accessory minerals, containing Be, Zr and Nb elements in the solutions of minerals and organics acids have been researched. Schemes of rocks and minerals dissolution for rare earth elements testing have been developed using ICP-MS method. New data about microelements content in the rocks, minerals, soils and natural water in Ukraine have been obtained. These data are important for the characterisation of geochemical background. Distribution of heavy metals, rare elements in soil cover and natural water of urbanized, industrial polluted areas and relative uncontaminated landscape has been studied using biogeochemical characteristics.

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Kyraeva I.V., Стадник В.О., Красюк О.П., Злобіна К.С., Акімова О.Р., Войтюк Ю.Ю., Попенко Е.С., Яковенко О.В.



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