Petrology, ore-bearing and genesis of alkaline and carbonatite complexes of Ukraine and Aldan Shields

In Ukrainian and Aldanskyi shields Pre-Cambrian and Phanerozoic alcaline magmatism is shown. Proterozoic alcaline rocks prevail at the inferior role of Devonian in the first region? and in the secind-mesozoic. Proterozoysky alkaline rocks appeared in both shields of the most ore-bearing. Such rare-metal minerals deposits of Ukrainian shields (USh) as Azov, Yastrubez and Perzhanske have vague similarity with the known Katuginsk deposit of aldanskyi of shield. Genetic connection of alkaline rocks of these deposits is assumed with anorthosite-rapakivi granite plutons. For the alkaline rocks of (USh) two trends of evolution and distributing of rare elements, conditioned the different petrogenetic mechanisms of their forming is explosed (liquation - for alkaline-ultrabasic formation and crystallizational differentiation - for gabbro-syenite). This is condition also substantial distinction in isotopic composition of strontium (87Sr/86 Sr) in apatite from alkaline and nepheline syenite of these two formations USh. Except for prevailing proterozoic alkaline magmatic rocks in USh proterozoic alkaline metasomatites and Devonian grorudites is considered East Peri-Azov Domain. A conclusion is done about perspective of USh on the exposure of rare-elements deposits of rich REE, Y, Zr ore (similar to the Azov deposit) carbonatite type (similar to Chernigov) with rare-metal-phosphate mineralization.

Інші автори: 

Ponomarenko O.M., Кривдік С.Г., Степанюк Л.М., Дубина О.В., Гречанівська О.Є., Сьомка Л.В.



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2010 to 2011