Estimation of ore-formationand deposits of fluorine of the Ukrainian shield as complex raw material

Research of prognostication of ore-formation fluorine, especially as complex raw material, are conducted on the north-western, central and south-west territories USh. Basic attention is spared the ore-formation Sushano-Pergansky area (Central, Yastrubetsky and West- Yastrubetsky), Podolsky-Pridnestrovsky area (The Bahtinsky deposit, ore-formation - Skazintsky, Gerebilovka, Lipchani, Perekorintsky, Visheolchedaevsky, a and other) and Bobrinetsky-Kirovogradsky area (The Bobrinetsky group of ore-formation). On each ore-formation, to the mineral find and area of distribution of fluorite, as an mineral complex research of material composition of directly ore and ore-formation breeds is conducted. At comparison of results of analyses of maintenance of chemical elements in a  fluorite ore it is possible to assert the following: economic it is advantageous to conduct the booty of rare earths in the north-western part USh (ore-formation "Central"), in relation to raremetal elements - the prospect  is south-west part USh (ore-formation "Bahtin"), in relation to the Podolsko-Pridnestrovsky area  - except for fluorite expediently to obtain a quartz and feldspar, which is used in porcelain-made of delft the ware, ceramic, electrical engineering, glass and other industries of industry.


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2010 to 2012