Divelopment of mineralogical-geochemical criteria of localization molibdenum-tungsten mineralization in the precambrian complexes of the Ukrainian Schield

Object of researches - ore manifestations of molybdenum and tungsten mineralization in Precambrian complexes of the Ukrainian Shield. The aim of work - implementation of mineralogшсфд -geochemical criteria of localisation ща mineralization molybdenum-tungsten in rocks of the Ukrainian Shield. Methods of researches - ore-meneralogical, petrographic, micro-X-ray, electronic-microscopic, mass-spectomentical and geochemical. The system analysis of geological-structural position and composition of manifestations (mineralization points), ore manifestation and deposits of molybdenum and tungsten in USh makes it possible distinquish following genetic types of ore-bearing metasomatites: wolframite-cassiterite-greisen, scheelite-skarn, molybdenite - greisen, rare-earth-molybdenum - uranium - thorium, molybdenite-alkalic and molybdenite- pegmatitic. The main criteria which define localisation of the basic genetic types of tungsten- and molybdenum bearing metasomatites are structural, lithologic-geochemical, magmatic and mineralogic-geochemical. For molybdenum the direct tendency of accumulation in metabasites and graphite gneisses is characteristic. Tungsten of metamorphic rocks is collected in metapelites. During metasomatism molybdenum and tungsten are leached from host rock mass and concentrated in skarns, greisens, quartz-feldspaar and alkaline metasomatites. The presence tungsten-bearing rutile and sphene in near-skarn rocks testifies for regeneration nature of formation of tungsten mineralization in skarns. Wolframite is a typomorphic mineral of tin-tungsten greisen ore manifestations. The molybdenite was found as of polytype 2Н and 3R in greisens, silica-potassic and alkaline metasomatites. The polytype 3R is characteristic for slightly eroded molybdenic deposits of greisen type. Novelty - For the first time for the Ukrainian Shield wolframite bearing greisens are established and studied in the Krivoy Rog - Kremenchug zone and rare-earth-molybdenum-uranium-thorium metasomatites in the Near Azovian megablock. Spheres of usage - Results of SIW are used by industrial organizations of KP "Kirovgeology" during carrying out geological searches for rare metals in different gablocks of Ukrainian Shield. Sheelite, wolframite, molybdenite, polytipy, mineralogy, geochemistry, petrography, metasomatism, ore potential, criteria.


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Syomka V.O., Бондаренко Сергій Миколайович (3), Великанов Юрій Федорович (4)

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2010 to 2012