Development of efficient technologies and alternative forecasting potential kimberlite diamond rocks deep within the Ukrainian Shield by scattering halo of indicator minerals in terrigenous complexes

Based on investigation of typomorphic properties of minerals syngenetic with diamonds from aureoles of the south-western part of the Ukrainian shield, the possibilities of improving of effectiveness of the schlich-mineralogical methods of prediction of kimberlites are proved. The results of mineralogical investigations of alkali ultrabasic rocks of the Novograd-Volynsk block of the Ukatinian shield are presented. In melteyhites and yakupiranhites of the Bolyarka intrusion pyrope, chromium spinels and other Mantle minerals, which are regarded as indicators of diamond, have been found. The composition of the sub-alkali habroides of the central part of the Kirovograd block of the Ukrainian shield is shortly characterized. Their isotope age is found to be around 2060 million years (as determined by the U-Pb method on zircon). The results of investigations of tonalite gneisses of Uppertokmak thickness of the western part of the Peri-Asov block of the Ukrainian shield, which age is established as 3560 ±70 million years, are presented.


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Shcherbak Mykola Petrovych (37), Цимбал Степан Миколайович (78), Артеменко Геннадій Володимирович (12), Мацюк Станіслав Степанович (16), Цимбал Юрій Степанович (79), В.Б. Соболєв, Л.І. Щеглова

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2010 до 2012