Typomorphism of diamonds and their minerals-satellites from rocks of Ukrainian Shield

An object of study is diamonds, garnets, chromspinellides, pikroilmenites, chromdiopsides, zircons and other mantle minerals from kimberlites and schlich halos of Ukrainian shield. The purpose of study is to set typomorphic features of diamond and its satellite minerals from rocks of the Ukrainian shield and improvement of the mineralogical criteria of forecasting and searches for diamondiferous kimberlites in Ukraine. Methods of the researches are cystallomorphological, electron-microscopic, ontogenetic, electron-probe, spectroscopic, mass spectroscopic and schlich-mineralogical analyses. Particular attention is paid to the results of research of typomorphism, morphology, chemical composition and physical properties of mantle minerals, crystalline inclusions in them and their parageneses. Alluvial diamonds from each megablock of the Ukrainian shield have their indicated characteristics and local indigenous sources. Among the pyropes, pyrope-almandines, chromspinellides, chromdiopsides and pikroilmenites from kimberlites and dispersion halos known within the Ukrainian shield was particularized variations, which are considered paragenetic diamond satellites and used to assess the prospects of diamondbearing and localization of diamond  deposits searching. For the first time in kimberlites of Ukrainian shield was established and studied such indicator minerals of these rocks as zircon, baddeleyite, calcyrtyt, zirconolit. These minerals crystallized from the kimberlite melt at different stages of its evolution: zircon - on protomagmatic stage, baddeleyite, zirconolit calcirtyt - on late magmatic stage. The prospects of indigenous diamonds of each megablocks of the Ukrainian shield were estimated with consideration of typomorphic features of mantle minerals. Results of research used for prospecting of diamonds. Work has theoretical and practical significance.

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Kvasnytsa Victor Mykolayovych, Цимбал Степан Миколайович, Цимбал Юрій Степанович, Соболєв Віктор Борисович, Вишневський Олексій Анатолієвич, Павлюк Олександра Вячеславівна, Щеглова Любов Іванівна.

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2008 to 2012